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Photogenics + co is based out of Los Angeles, ca and was conceived as a subdivision of Photogenics media, one of la's premier fashion agencies. Founder and owner, Nicole Bordeaux (once a successful fashion model discovered by fashion photographer, Guy Bourdin), was immersed in the world of iconic global fashion and art at a young age, providing her with a unique insight into what makes for good design and unconventional imaging. 

Presented in sculptural vessels with a nod to the brutalist architectural movement that emerged in the 1950's, Photogenics + co aromatics and fragrances are deeply rooted in its holistic and organic California lifestyle, using entirely natural essential oil blends and ingredients. The one-of-a-kind scents, inspired by the owner's time spent at hippy communes and theosophical camps throughout the pacific northwest and California, are earthy yet whimsical, drawing on the therapeutic properties and psychoactive effects of herbs and plants used for medicinal purposes by shamans and tribes seeking spiritual awakening, altered states of consciousness and euphoria.